We can do better

Our district needs to work with us, not just for us. We need a school board that listens not just for complaints, but to suggestions. That talks with us, not at us. Chapel Hill and Carrboro make up a unique community of experts, specialists, and experienced elders, but we rarely tap those resources. Instead, Our district makes it too hard to give input or see the basis for their decisions. It sends out robocalls and do-not-reply emails to parents, teachers, and staff.

New problems are catching the district off guard, and drawing their attention away from systemic issues. Covid has drawn attention to so much inequality and made so many existing problems worse. At the same time, it's given officials an excuse to ignore these fundamental problems by saying the pandemic is a more pressing issue.

We are in unprecedented times and need more than a school board playing catch-up.

Many of the issues our district faces now are the result of shortsighted decisions made before. We need to gather information and look at the long-term consequences of our current actions, rather than making quick, fiscally irresponsible decisions. We need to address the systemic issues, fight the disease rather than the symptoms.

I'm Tim Sookram, I'm a parent of a first grader and a pre-schooler, and I'd like to be on the CHCCS school board. Thank you.